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Brewer’s house we take our drinks just as seriously as our food which is why we have put together this special drinks menu to highlight some of our favourite drinks on offer. There are a huge range of different beer styles and flavours out there and we have attempted to reflect some of those on our list of beers.


We have put together a short house cocktail list made up of some classics as well as some less familiar cocktails that we think deserve to be much better known. We have worked hard with our suppliers to find some excellent house wines that give you a chance to taste something special by the glass without breaking the bank. However please ask a member of staff if you would like to take a look at our full wine list.


We also have a great selection of hot drinks. Whether it is a just a nice cup of tea you are after, or double shot skinny vanilla cappuccino, just ask a member of staff and they will happily oblige.


Bottled Beers

Samuel Adams, 4.8% - The original American craft beer. Clear amber beer, sweet hoppy taste that goes well with our Dexter burgers. £3.00
Anchor Steam, 4.9% - A good introduction to Californian beers, with a very fresh dry taste. £3.30
Sierra Nevada, 5.6% - Our favourite beer, a bronze hoppy beer. The sweet aroma goes very well with poultry and fish. £3.50
Duvel, 8.5% - A classic Belgian premium beer. Cloudy, with a foam head, sharp refreshing citrus taste. A must for any serious beer fan. £4.50
Coopers Pale Ale, 4.5% - Australian bottled -fermented cloudy beer, very light refreshing taste, smooth on the tongue, goes well with seafood. £3.30
Coopers Sparkling Ale, 5.8% - Bronze cloudy beer, full of sediment. Very full flavoured fizzy beer, great with steaks. £3.50
Coniston Bluebird Bitter, 4.2% - Refreshing golden bitter from the Lake District. Very smooth hoppy taste. £3.50
Erdinger Dunkel, 5.6% - Rich Dark Wheat Beer from Germany’s most heralded Brewery. £3.50
Quilmes, 4.9% - Argentinian lager great with steaks. £2.90
Brewdog 5am Saint, 5.0% - This Scottish Brewery is being credited with bringing great new world beer styles closer to home. This amber ale is up there with the best American pale ales. £3.00
Brewdog 77 Lager, 4.9% - A fizzy pilsner style lager, aimed at quenching a thirst. £3.00
Asahi, 5.0% - Super dry Japanese lager. The perfect beer with seafood. £2.90
Budvar, 5.0% - Classic Czech session beer. £2.90

Draught Beers

Guinness, 4.0% - Needs no introduction. £3.00

Belfast Ale, 4.5% - Traditional cask ale brewed at Whitewater Brewery in Kilkeel. A rich fruity taste followed by a gentle hop flavour leading to its Smooth succulent finish.


Copperhead, 3.7% - Light copper coloured beer brewed in kilkeel. A light beer With a very intense flavour of hops and spice.

Erdinger Hefe, 5.3% - Classic German wheat beer with a crisp citrus taste. £3.50



The Brewer’s House Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, salt & pepper, lemon & lime, wasabi, stirred with ice.

The Dudes White Russian: vodka, Kahlua & milk, stirred with ice. £4.95
Cosmopolitan: vodka, Cointreau & cranberry juice, shaken with ice. £4.95
Appletini: apple vodka, apple sour shaken with ice. £4.95
Blood and Sand: Jameson, cherry brandy, martini rosso & orange juice. £4.95
Margarita: tequila, Cointreau & lime juice, chilled and served with a salt rimmed glass. £4.95
Mojito: Bacardi, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water & mint, mixed and served with ice. £4.95
Seabreeze: vodka, cranberry juice & grapefruit juice, stirred with ice. £4.95



Working closely with our suppliers, we have rather selfishly put together a list that very much reflects our own particular love for Old World wines, which we hope you will enjoy as much as we do, whether you are looking for a fun, young wine or something more serious.


Our wine list features a wide selection -Some have been chosen especially to complement certain dishes but of course all can be enjoyed on their own.


A regularly changing selection of single cases and bin ends is also available on our reserve list / blackboards.

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